Virginia Broersma: Dithyrambic. September 13th - October 7th.

Becca Shewmake: Assembler Clouds. September 13 - October 7th.

Draftpunk curated by Kio Griffith. Artists in the show: Nadege Monchera Baer, Bridget Beck, Daniela Campins, Mark Dutcher, Rema Ghuloum, Jane Hugentober, Kiel Johnson, Jason Manley, Aili Schmeltz, Marie Thibeault, Dorian Wood. August 8th - August 30th. 

Tessie Whitmore: Space Face. June 28th - July 26th.

Bessie Kunath: Free Normcore. June 28th - July 26th.

Public Offerings: 20/20. Artists in the Show: Nick Aguayo, Courtney Arwin, Tania Jazz Alvarez, Virginia Broersma, Josh Cho, Hollis Cooper, Sydney Croskery, Ariel Erestingcol, Kent Familton, Roni Feldman, Andrew Foster, Rema Ghuloum, Aaron Giesel, Kio Griffith, Steven Hampton, Elana Melissa Hill, Josh Holzmann, Cole M. James, Brian Thomas Jones, Christopher Kuhn, Raymie Iadevaia, Casey Kauffmann, Ashley Landrum, David Leapman, Michelle Jane Lee, Claudia Morales McCain, Melanie Moore, Annie Neiman, Michael Neuman, Liz Nurenburg, Zhone Ping, Max Presneill, Alison Rash, Christy Roberts, Nano Rubio, Theresa Rubio, Eric Schott, Emily Silver, Erica Ryan Stallones, Gabie Strong, Julia Schwartz, Vistoria Tao, Devon Tsuno, Jayson Ward, Tessie Whitmore. June 14th.

Les Enfant Terribles, curated by Grant Vetter. Artists: Courtney Arwin, Josh Dildine, Hilary Dildine, Kent Familton, Katie Herzog, Ashley Landrum, David Michael Lee, Alison Rash, Nano Rubio and Chris Trueman. May 17th - May 30th.

Mind the Gap: London-Los Angeles Dialogues. An ARTRA sponsored event. Curated by David Leapman. Artists: Marie D'ElbĂ©e, David French, Hanz Hancock, Alexis Harding, Vincent Hawkins, Erin Lawlor, David Leapman, Patrick Morrissey, Katie Pratt, Max Presneill, Christopher Rawcliffe, Sarah Sparkes, Johnny J.J. Winter. April 5th - May 1st.

Davin Kyle Knight & Michelle Jane Lee: Proimate Mediations, Feburary 22nd - March 22nd.

The Status of Portraiture, curated by Grant Vetter. Artists: Justin Bower, Virginia Broersma, Josh Dildine, Alec Egan, Ariel Erestingcol, Jay Erker, Andrew Foster, Roni Feldman, Steve Hampton, Laurance McNamara, Max Presneill, Constance Mallinson, Jason Ramos, Erica Ryan Stallones and Frank J. Stockton. January 11th - Feburary 8th. 



Steve Hampton & Raymie Iadevaia: Saccharine Salad, November 10th - December 10th

FAR Sponsored Exhibtion: Portrait of Antartica, curated by Natalia Lopez, Artists: Lita Albuquerque, Dawn Arrowsmith, Roni Feldman, Karen Marcher, Claudia Parducci, Erin Payne, Roland Reiss, Jayson Ward. September 29th - November 1st. 

Cole James & Michelle Carla Handel: I Do Not Deny Them My Essence, September 15th - October 21st

Eric Schott & Jayson Ward: Tessalted Flow August 18th - September 8th 

Painting on Edge, curated by Grant Vetter, Artists: Kent Familton, Steve Hampton, Scott Jamieson, Christopher Kuhn, David Leapman, David Micheal Lee, Michelle Jane Lee, Jow Lloyd, Kevin Moore, Max Presneill, Alison Rash, Adam Ross, Nano Rubio, Eric Schott, Chris Trueman, Jayson Ward. July 28th - August 11th

Durden and Ray: Year Two, June 30th - July 21st

David French & Melanie Moore: The Unbearable Lightness of Form June 9th - June 23rd

Max Presneill & Scott Marvel Cassidy: You Sunk My Battleship, May 11th - June 1st

Jorin Bossen & Jason Ramos: We're All Sensitive People, April 14th - May 1st

FAR Sponsored Exhibition: PSNT PART THREE: Quinton McCurine: Manipulated Mediation, curated by Mindy Brocka, March 17th 

FAR Sponsored Exhibition: PSNT PART TWO: Traumatic Materiality: Painting (In)Elegance curated by Steve Hampton, Artists: Nick Aguayo, Jonanthan Apgar, Cole James, Catlin Slegr, Ian Trout, Tessie Whitmore, March 17th

FAR Sponsored Exhibition: PSNT PART ONE: Pacific Non-Standard Time, FAR 1977-Present, Performances by Helga Fassonaki, Maya Gurantz, Fatima Hoang & Janice Gomez, Anna Oxygen, March 10th

David Micheal Lee & Michael Kindred Knight: Quotient Space, Feburary 11th - March 1st

Nick Aguayo & Marcus Perez: You Do This to Me and I Do That to You, January 14th - Feburary 1st

FAR Sponsored Exhibition: Liz Nurenberg: Affect, January 8th - January 13th 



Richard Galling & Christopher Kuhn: Arranged December 10th - January 1st

FAR Sponsored Exhibition: Blanket Solidarity with Christy Roberts, Decemeber 4th

Elana Mellisa Hill & Simon Hughes: Hypersurregionalism, November 12th - December 1st

Gabie Strong: The Exegesis of Entropy, October 6th - November 1st

Katie Herzog, Literaturwurst, October 6th - November 1st

Hollis Cooper: Invirtuality, September 8th - October 1st

Seann Brackin: It's Happening Right Now September 8th - October 1st

April Fridges & Nina Becker: Erasing Traces, August 11th - September 1st

Alison Rash & Chris Trueman: The Suspended Literal, July 9th - August 1st

Ashley Landrum & Nano Rubio: The Levity of Translation, June 9th - July 1st